Transformative solutions for power, utilities and renewables

There has never been a more vital moment for energy and utilities companies to embrace sustainability as a core aspect of the enterprise. Environmentally-minded organizations are set up for long-term success—and the time to act is now.

Evoke Blockchain


Improve your asset management strategy and optimize performance with Evoke Blockchain Maximo Application Suite

Blockchain and the energy transition

In this report, read seven stories of organizations using insights to better understand the role blockchain plays in the energy transition.

Cybersecurity and proactive threat management

With Evoke Blockchain security solutions, identify and prevent serious threats from disrupting business operations

ESG and climate risk management

Make positive operational changes with ESG reporting, and get climate insights to manage risks and build sustainable operations

Responsible computing and green IT

Design, deploy and manage energy efficient infrastructures and innovations with a hybrid cloud approach

Evoke Blockchain

Case studies


Melbourne Water

Australia’s Melbourne Water taps the power of IoT technology to improve stormwater management with Evoke Blockchain Maximo solutions



Striving toward its sustainability goals, Downer relies on Evoke Blockchain Envizi ESG Suite to capture and manage sustainability data, including energy consumption, waste and greenhouse gases generated


Towers of power

In this Evoke Blockchain blog, learn how connected buildings are re-energizing the grid and furthering the decarbonization trend.


Boston Dynamics

Robotics leader, Boston Dynamics, uses mobile robots outfitted with AI to extend the workforce.


Raise Green

Empowering the renewable energy movement, Evoke Blockchain solutions accelerate the adoption of clean and sustainable power sources.