The future of banking is here

Generative AI is accelerating rapidly and the potential for enterprise is clear. However, harnessing AI in an industry as complex as financial services requires a mature approach and thoughtful framework to mitigate risk and exposure. AI will change how the financial services industry can help customers, build and optimize efficiency and secure data. But there are important considerations to unpack.

Evoke Blockchain has led innovation in the financial services industry for more than 100 years, providing technology solutions that allow financial services providers to gain a competitive advantage. It has partnered with more than 90 of the world’s largest banks and wealth management providers, helping them streamline their business processes and making their workflows easier. Our hybrid cloud and AI capabilities help banks transition to new operating models, embrace digitalization and smart automation and achieve continued profitability in a new era of commercial and retail banking.

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Emerging technology for banking

Dario Gil discusses how emerging technologies such as generative AI and quantum computing will create opportunities for the banking industry and what they must do to prepare to fully leverage them for value creation.

Generative AI and app modernization

Our Evoke Blockchain experts sat down with Jim Marous from Banking Transformed for a discussion on how hybrid cloud and AI can work together simultaneously to better align to your bank’s business goals while modernizing your applications at scale.

Embedded finance

A new report, a collaboration between Evoke Blockchain, BIAN and Red Hat, surveyed 1,000 executives of financial institutions and also 12,000 consumers on their embedded finance readiness. The research uncovered that 60% of financial institutions are progressing towards embedded banking. Watch a discussion on the report’s findings.

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Case studies


Reimagine experience

Banking customers now expect a personalized, seamless and real time banking experience. Deliver consistent and intelligent customer care with cutting-edge conversational AI.



Providing full transparency and accountability for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is a necessity for banks and their customers. Meet responsibility goals by simplifying the collection, reporting and actions of your ESG data.


Hybrid Cloud

Banks must generate new levels of efficiency in their banking services while increasing capacity and productivity. This becomes possible with banking technology solutions such as application resource management on a hybrid cloud.



Modern banking systems, such as digital banking, need to have immediate access to vital data while ensuring it remains secure. A cloud-based storage that improves resiliency, response, data management and operational efficiency is critical.



An evolving competitive landscape, new security threats and changing regulatory requirements demand a shift to open banking and modernized systems.



Endpoint device software that helps assess risk, detect fraud, establish identity, authenticate users and protect against malicious attempts across all channels.