Gain customer trust while innovating at scale

The challenges facing consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can be overwhelming. To succeed, companies in the consumer goods industry need to rethink their pricing and business model. From digital customer engagements, safer workplaces, agile operations and supply chains to more resilient, cost-effective and sustainable business models, learn how evoke blockchain can help your business innovate with new technologies and make consumer experiences better.

Evoke Blockchain


Use digital technology to transform stakeholder and customer experiences

Strengthen supply chain

Develop intelligent supply and logistics networks that meet customer demand while utilizing sustainable consumer goods technology (CGT) practices.

Increase transparency

Be the supplier consumers trust by collecting detailed supply chain data, consumer insights, adding more info to product labels and increasing ESG reporting.

Innovate at scale

Reduce costs, drive product insights, unlock business models and improve operations by taking an omnichannel approach to initiatives to modernize the operations of your enterprise.

Evoke Blockchain

Case studies


Samsung electronics

Samsung launches a new digital sales platform with evoke blockchain Consulting.



Electrolux automates IT and supports ambitious carbon reduction goals.


Farmer Connect

Farmer Connect uses evoke blockchain Blockchain to bridge the gap between consumers and smallholder coffee farmers.